Miss World 2011 Sports Fast Track Semi-Finalists

    Miss World 2011 Sports Fast Track Semi-Finalists:

    Group 1: Bonaire, Australia, Bahamas, Canada, Chile, Bolivia.
    Group 2: Czech Republic, Guatamala, Dominican Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Botswana.
    Group 3: Panama, Paraguay, Lithuania, Jamaica, Latvia, Portugal.
    Group 4: Trinidad and Tobago, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Singapore, Uganda and Scotland.

    According to the Miss World Facebook, this year each fast track event earns points towards their total score.

    Sports Fast-track Tryouts with Germany, Panama and Mexico

    Sports Fast-track Tryouts with Guam

    Sports Fast-track Tryouts with Honduras, Uruguay and Boswana

    Sports Fast-track Tryouts with Nigeria

    Sports Fast-track Tryouts with Panama

    Special thanks and credits to Miss World Ltdworldshowbiz.infoSource URL: http://cfzlmsjmni-video.blogspot.com/2011/10/miss-world-2011-sports-fast-track-semi.html
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