Meet Miss World 2011 Contestant - Spain - Carla GARCIA BARBER

    Miss World 2011 - Spain - Carla GARCIA BARBER


    Name : Carla GARCIA BARBER
    Age : 20
    Height : 176
    Languages : Spanish & English


    Carla is currently in her fourth year of University studying medicine. Her dream is to travel to Africa to help all those affected by AIDS and malaria. Her hobbies include: cycling, reading and scuba diving. Carla’s personal motto is: ‘the beauty that first attracts is rarely the same beauty that wins the heart.’


    Tell us a little something about your Country ?

    There is a fantastic quality of life in Spain. Gran Canaria is in the miniature continent Las Palmas, known for its peace and harmony.

    Future ambitions ?

    Instead of an ambition, I prefer to call it a dream; I want to travel to Africa to help those affected by AIDS and malaria.

    Describe yourself

    I consider myself a happy, extroverted, responsible, hardworking and perseverant person.

    Personal Motto?

    The beauty that first attracts is rarely the same beauty that wins the heart.

    Favourite food ?

    I love the Spanish omelette and I couldn’t live without Spanish ham and foie.

    Favourite Music / Books ?

    I enjoy every kind of music: Adele, Bruno Mars, Nickelback and the Black Eyed Peas are some of my favourites. I love the book ’11 Minutes’ by Paulo Coelho, who I believe to be the best writer of the 21st Century. I also like ‘El Vencedor Esta Solo’ by Paulo Coelho and ‘El Principad’.

    Do you have any pets ?

    I have a parrot called Robin. He talks all the time, repeating things he has heard. We have falcons at home as my Father is trying to save them from extinction.

    What is the proudest moment of your life or most memorable day?

    The day I began working at the hospital and learned humanity and love are the qualities of human beings that can appear in the most unimaginable places.

    Special Talents ?

    Cooking and dancing the samba, meringue and salsa.

    Any other interesting facts ?

    I love to travel, learn about the different cultures and taste other countries food.

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