Chen Jian Feng from China won the title of Manhunt International 2011

    Manhunt International 2011 winner Chen Jian Feng (China)

    Chen Jian Feng from China was the winner of the Manhunt International 2011 competition held at the Seoul Millenium Hall, Seoul, Korea on October 10th, 2011. Chen Jian Feng is 26 year old and stands 1.88 m. He works as a model in China.

    Manhunt International 2011 final results:

    - Winner: Chen Jian Feng from China
    - The first runner-up: Nelson Sterling from Dominican Republic;
    - The second runner-up: Gianni Sennesael from Belgium;
    - The third runner-up: Truong Thanh Nam from Vietnam.
    - The fourth runner-up: Martin Smahel from Slovak Republic.

    The top 16 completes with Australia, Bulgaria, England, Hawaii, Indonesia, Ireland, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines and South Africa.

    Special Awards:
    - Popularity vote: Truong Thanh Nam from Vietnam;
    - Mister Talent: Mister Korea
    - Best National Costume: Mister Indonesia.

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